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Developing Community Partnerships And Establishing Common Goals

Upgrading Schools For A Safe, Comfortable Environment

Providing Basic Personal Items To Enable Children’s Attendance At School   

Supplying Educational Materials For Gorakhani, Janta And Tapting Schools

NPFP works in partnership with a community to prioritize educational projects.  NPFP finances the projects.  The community is responsible to transport materials, supply labor and to meet NPFP standards for successful completion. 

LIBRARY  bookcases and storage units organize the existing collections at the

Solukhumbu Multiple Campus College.

WOOD WALLS AND CEILINGS in the classrooms of Janta Primary provide insulation against the harsh Himalayan winters and monsoons.

CLEAR CEILING PANELS illuminate classrooms at Janta Primary and Tapting Secondary School where there is no electricity.

WATER is now available on the grounds of Janta and Gorakhani Primary Schools.